A state of the art EPTS receiver device obtains signals sent by satellites that allows it to access information, based on the variation of its positioning on the ground (latitude, longitude and altitude) as a function of time. Our technology presents several versions in different sampling frequencies, 10, 25 and 50 hertz.

Our EPTS system is compatible with the state of the art Global Position Technologies, as GPS, Glonass, Galileo.

IMU: Based on the variation of the position, alongside the fusion with specific sensors (Accelerometer, Gyro and Magnetometer) that improve its measurement accuracy, a large number of parameters can be obtained allowing to analyze the external workload in sports, especially in intermittent ones, such as: accelerations, decelerations, angulation and speed of changes of direction, imbalance, among others.

In addition to external load, thanks to sensor fusion and senso vest, K-Sport technologies also estimates physiological parameters related to internal load such as energy expenditure, metabolic power and oxygen consumption, which can be combined with heart rate data directly recorded by the device, and thus obtain the physiological stress profile generated by the training.


The new vest saves the use of the well-known cardio belt, since its latest generation non-invasive fabric sensors, fulfills its function successfully, also giving greater comfort to the athlete.


The new connectivity system, developed with the support of MotoGP and Formula 1 engineers, allows us to work in a place of absolute privilege; state of the art Wifi protocol allows to manage satellite information, IMU, sensor fusion as well ECG signal, processing one million data per second, obtaining unrivaled analysis.


»Position and trajectory



»Acceleration and deceleration

»Metabolic power

»Mechanical power

»Energy expenditure

»Oxygen consumption

»ECG / Heart Rate


»Stress index


»Actual sampling frequency: 10, 25 and 50Hz

»Weight: 64 g

»Dimensions: 69 * 49 * 19 mm

»Battery: up to 14h

»Memory: up to 14h

»Download (typology): parallel (up to 100 devices at the same time)

»Download (time): up to 20 seconds per session.

»PC connection: Docking station / USB / WI FI

»Recharge: Docking station / USB / Wireless

»Cardio: textile sensors

»Live: Wifi