This next-generation online software is the only system in the world, which due to its technical characteristics, allows the integration of 2 different measurement systems, EPTS (eg GPS) and Match Analysis (Computer Vision with cameras), thanks to the fact that our technologies use the same filters and algorithms, which offers a lot of opportunities.

The portal allows to access data and download tailored formats. Specific account with different kinds of access are available for managers, staff and players.

It also works as a database, an ideal tool for organizations, which allows comparisons between athletes of different ages, different teams and leagues, filtering data by games/training, positions etc .

The portal allows remote control from any Computer/Notebook, Tablet/IPad and Smartphone/IPhone just through internet connection, with user and password, even simultaneously, between 2 or more staff members; the database allows to analyze statistics and trends using different kind of visualization and export like tables, graphs, CSV, PDF, providing alert through tailored traffic lights.


> OnLine Portal

> Multiple accesses

> Integration of GPS and optical data

> Institutional Data Base

> Reports customization

> Access from PC, Tablet/IPad or Smartphone/IPhone

> Multiple simultaneous data download


> Tables

> Graphs

> Alert/Traffic lights

> Longitudinal control

> Filters by sessions

> Filters per position

> Filters by date