K-Sport Italia, pioneer in the area of ​​Match Analysis, works with a multi-camera system that records matches. Through advanced algorithms and filtering process, K-Sport delivers the highest quality data level in few hours. Data are immediately available on K-Sport online platform and can be downloaded in several tailored format like PDF, CSV, jpeg. API are also available. These features and the very rich level in terms of data and statistics quantity and quality, make our system the most complete in the market.

K-Sport Computer Vision system has been the first to be validated vs high quality gold standard like laser and Vicon system (2010), capable of measuring the distances traveled at different speed thresholds, metabolic power, energy expenditure, and levels of acceleration and deceleration, of all players, without interfere with the game and with the highest possible level of accuracy currently achieved.

K-Sport Computer Vision is a multisport system that allows analyzing the level of physical performance not only of the team itself, but also of the opponent. In this way, both can be compared.

K-Sport online database allows to deeply analyze the variation in terms of physical performance of each player and team, providing automatically comparisons with tailored reference values. Last but not least, K-Sport match analysis data are compatible with K-Sport GPS data, as both use the same filters and algorithms.

Thanks to K-Sport Computer Vision and EPTS systems, we can provide a complete solution analyzing physical performance, external workload and physiological response of player both in games and training sessions.

Reliability Monitoring

»K-Sport is the first company worldwide to patent (2009, PCT level) the complete Match Analysis (not only Tracking) system.

»All our validations were carried out through studies made in collaboration with prestigious partners like Rome, Milan and Urbino Universities and FIGC “Settore Tecnico di Coverciano” Biomechanical Laboratory.

»Tracking system has been validated vs state of the art Gold Standard, from Laser to Vicon.

We thus become the only company globally capable of providing 360° solutions for the analysis of physical performance in intermittent performance sports.


»Position and trajectory



»Acceleration and deceleration

»Metabolic power

»Mechanical power

»Energy expenditure

»Oxygen consumption

»ECG / Heart Rate


»Stress index

»Timed exports

»Longitudinal control

»Ball Possession