K-SPORT: Science to perform

K-Sport, founded in 2006 as academic project at Bologna University ,Faculty of Engineering, is focused on research and development of based on scientific criteria methodologies, technologies and contents, aimed to assist Professionals (like manager, coaches, physical trainers and technical staffs) and Media, allowing them making their own work in a more efficient way.

K-Sport has developed the first (and still unique) system in the world able to analyze the performance of players with truly objective and mathematical criteria, certified by the European Patent Office, which is revolutionizing the way football is seen.

K-Sport has launched the first and unique EPTS system that works at real frequency of 50Hz (50 times per second) and the first sensor vest (made by textile sensors) allowing analysis never seen before, providing in a non-invasive way metrics like ECG, heart rate, Breath rate and temperature.

During last years, K-Sport technologies have been validated and used by several academic research centers such as University of Rome, Milan and Urbino and the most important teams and federations in the world.