Serie A chooses K-Sport to award MVP

Provided by Stats Perform, analysis are based on patented and certified K-Sport artificial intelligence system,

officially chosen by Serie A to award Most Valuable Player

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K-Sport awarded at

World Artificial Intelligence Congress

K-Sport on top 10 finalists at AI competition,

World Artificial Intelligence Congress (WAIC), Shanghai

Inter Miami chooses K-Sport

Proud to announce the first client in MLS. David Beckham's club has chosen

K-Sport technologies for Match & Training Analysis

FIFA WC 2023: proud to support

Italian Women National Team

Italy chooses K-AI Wearable Tech & AI

certified technologies to analyze "Azzurre"'s match & training sessions

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K-50 Wearable Tech

Used by more than 50% of the Italian PRO teams

  • The smallest professional device in the world and the highest sampling rate (50Hz)

  • Revolutionary Sensor Fusion technology (GPS, UWB, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer)

  • ECG and heart rate directly measured by smart vest and/or HR belt

  • Specific analysis for each sport and position (e.g. footballers, goalkeepers, rugby, american football)

  • Real-time analysis and on the Dynamix multi-platform fully customizable

  • Validated by the Technical University of Munich

  • Certified for in-game use by FIFA & World Rugby


Since 2015 Serie A League official platform, provided to all teams for the analysis of physical data

  • Online portal +300 parameters, possibility to create formulas and methods

  • Individual thresholds and based on max values
    (e.g. VMax, AMax)

  • Integration of data physical, technical & tactical
    (e.g. data in possession)

  • Automatic detection of the most intense
    moments of the game

  • Alerts and comparisons Acute / Chronic, RPE, trend, timed analysis
    (e.g. 5min)

  • Analysis in few minutes export
    excel, PDF, JPG, XML, API

Optical Tracking Service

The most used match analysis system in the world

  • Video capture A camera system is positioned in the central part of the grandstand, each camera frames a different portion of the pitch

  • Computer vision The computer vision software combines the videos of the different cameras creating a planar view

  • Automatic Tracking Each object is identified through X, Y, Z coordinates and tracked instant by instant, the software uses all the points to analyze players, referees and ball trajectories

  • Filtering and certification The collected data are processed and certified using advanced filters, specifically developed for tracking human movement

Smart Gear

From volume to efficiency: the revolution of K-Analysis,
the first and most advanced Game Intelligence system

  • The first and to date the only system in the world for match analysis really based on mathematical criteria (PCT patented in 2010 and certified) that is revolutionizing the way to see football.

    No longer a trivial count of the number of passes, shots or distance covered, from which misleading evaluations emerge, such as, some years ago, the awarding of the "banana feet" prize to a genius like Cassano, "guilty" of having the highest number of unsuccesfull passes. But, on the contrary, an analysis that goes up to the essence of football, integrating the technical & tactical data with the physical ones, to provide a report that overturns the conclusions in favor of true football talent.

  • Starting from tracking data (the XY coordinates that describe the movements of the players and the ball during the matches), K-Analysis allows for example to evaluate - finally - the tactical aspects (studying the quality of the movements), to introduce the coefficient of difficulty of the passes, to analyze the physical performance moving from the concept of "volume" to that of "efficiency".

    The result? The Technical Efficiency Index, the only objective parameter that is scientifically correlated to the probability of winning games and, starting from the 2018/19 season, officially adopted by the Serie A League to award the MVP prize.

User Stories

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During the FIFA World Cup 2019 we had the opportunity to use AI system: efficiency indexes and trends in the 90m are a key to understanding performance. In tournaments with many games, the management of loads through K-50 LIVE is an added value: the compensation and/or reduction of the physical training proposal becomes even more individual and can prevent an overload muscle injury.
Prof. Francesco Perondi, Cristian Savoia
Fitness coaches
SSC Napoli (ITA)
In an increasingly performing and cutting-edge sector such as football, the control of details becomes decisive. With a busy schedule and less and less time available, the ability to access data in real time represents an important competitive advantage. K-Sport technologies allow functional monitoring to evaluate the various aspects of performance more and more effectively
Bruno Dominici - Staff Tecnico Gattuso
Head of Performance
ACF Fiorentina (ITA)
Thanks to K-Sport GPS, we have detailed information on the skills of our training sessions. I consider the live functionality an added value, as it allows an accurate management of loads: allowing to compensate or reduce immediately and individually the work, I consider the live a very good support tool aimed to the prevention of overtraining injuries.
Damir Blokar
Fitness coaches
AS Saint Etienne (FRA)
I have been using the GPS system of the STATS K-SPORT group for many years and I am very happy with its reliability and ease of use. STATS K-SPORT are real experts in the field of player tracking and the level of support I receive is exceptional.
Thierry Cotte
Fitness coaches
Guangzhou Evergrande (CHN)
At a time when player monitoring is constantly evolving, I need a reliable product to improve the immediate feedback provided to coaches. It is therefore essential for me to work with K-Sport, which is why I have been using K-Sport GPS for many years.
Gian Piero Ventrone
Fitness coaches
Bologna FC 1909 (ITA)
K-Sport's GPS & optical tracking systems allow us to provide accurate, fast and precise support in terms of monitoring the workload, both external and internal. The sensorized vests, the ability to monitor data in real time and to customize parameters and thresholds make the system complete and high-profile.
N.Prandelli, M.Marchesi, S.Pasquali
Staff Performance
Fed. Italiana Rugby
The importance of physical training in Rugby is crucial. Monitoring volume, intensity and quality of the technical training allows us to correctly modulate and distribute the workloads. K-Sport gives us the opportunity to have all these information directly on the field with the LIVE system, allowing us to manage training with great precision.
Riccardo Di Maio
Data Analyst
CA Rosario Central (ARG)
We have been fortunate to have an advanced technological resource and a high level of service. The Gps gave us the opportunity to "check" our athletes to the maximum to identify the loads proposed in the training sessions and generate various dynamics. The Smart Gear service is the future in the present!
Santiago Ferro
Fitness coaches
Load control in team sports, both elite and recreational, is vital. GPS technology is an excellent tool for monitoring and regulating training. We started using it during FIFA WC 2014 in Brazil and later also in international youth competitions. I consider the K-Sport GPS to be valid and reliable.
Head of FIGC Training Methodology and Biomechanics Laboratory, Professor at Rome Tor Vergata University
Thanks to the data provided by K-Sport, both on our team and opponent performance, we were able to make decisions that helped us optimize the results in decisive moments. So we managed to qualify for the final round of the World Championship after 36 years.
Nestor Bonillo
Fitness coaches
Thanks to the K-Sport system we have a detailed control of the workload. The precision of the data and the simple and intuitive platform allow quick and complete access to information.
Mario Innaurato
Fitness coaches
I take off my hat for the innovation capacity that I find in an instrument like Smart Gear, I have never seen anything like it and I think it represents the key of the moment.
Alejandro Richino
Fitness coaches
Inter Miami FC
K-Sport GPS devices have been essential for us in terms of planning and periodization of daily workloads. Thanks to their precision and the availability of data in real time, they are a fundamental tool for training.
Mauricio Marchetti
Head of performance



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